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9 December 2020

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Serena Camarlinghi: Simply Linen Creations

Dresses and aprons in pure Italian linen. For a romantic and bohemian style. A few leather straps add some grit. And then green light to flounces, pleats and puffed sleeves.

Creating is an act of love. These five words well sum up the philosophy of Simply Linen Creations. Aprons and dresses in pure linen, handcrafted with Italian fabrics and accessories purchased from Florentine suppliers: "I like to help companies in my neighborhood, just as I love to buy fruit from the greengrocer downstairs and string to pack in the shop in the square of my municipality, Lastra a Signa » says the creator Serena Camarlinghi.

Simpy Linen Creations, Serena Camarlinghi

Bold and casual leather aprons are flanked by romantic and bohemian frou frou garments in dusty shades: «It all started by chance. I don't like sit on my hands, I'm always on the move, with a thousand of ideas in my head. One summer day I took my old sewing machine, a piece of linen fabric and I created my first apron. Today I call it 'Basic', and in my Aprons Collection it is the most requested».

Simpy Linen Creations, Serena Camarlinghi

Everything is done with the hands. Serena has always worked in the world of craftsmanship. The maternal grandparents were well-known tailors in the village: «They created tailored wedding suits. My mom was a good teacher. And the sewing and modellers course gave me all the basics to be able to work ».

Simpy Linen Creations, Serena Camarlinghi

A simple, clean and natural style. Elegant and refined aprons and clothes. The target? “Being able to dress well without effort. Wearing an apron not only at home, but also to go out ». Simply Linen Creations tells stories of ideas, hopes and mistakes. But also of details, discoveries and dreams.

Simpy Linen Creations, Serena Camarlinghi

"Creativity and imagination are the best therapy to overcome difficult times"

Serena Camarlinghi

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Simpy Linen Creations, Serena Camarlinghi
Simpy Linen Creations, Serena Camarlinghi
Simpy Linen Creations, Serena Camarlinghi
Simpy Linen Creations, Serena Camarlinghi

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